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My Story
We May Be Very Similar...
Struggles & Opportunities... 
Awkward Childhood Growing Up with Tourettes 
Struggled with Fitting In and Feeling Accepted by others
Drug, Alcohol and Nicotine Addiction
Loss of a Parent to Leukemia
Relationship Breakups
Bankruptcy and Foreclosures
Career Hopping and Struggle To Find My Place In This World
Felt Hopeless, depressed, angry, sad, resentful, confused and lost
Struggled with Sex and My Authentic Masculinity
Struggled with telling the truth, Worthiness and Confidence
I'm Corey, This Is Just Part Of My Journey... (Click Here to Take this Quiz and Join My Newsletter where I share more)
Triumphs & Lessons...
Learned To meditate and Harness My Inner Power through Breath
Learned To honor my word, stick up for myself and create boundaries
Integrated my heart, body and mind
Unleashed My Next Level in Business and Life Purpose
Created multiple Online Incomes
Forgave my biggest resentments
Became Free of Nicotine and Drugs
 Broke-through fears and doubt. 
Discovered how to ask for help
How To Be Comfortable In My Own Skin and Be Alone
I trust myself and am here to serve... Find something on this page that resonates with you!
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Unlock your true creative power and tap into your deeper purpose when you attend our inner discovery workshop. 
Join our team of instructors, Trainers, business owners, thought leaders, dreamers and go-getters as you undergo a rites of passage process that will change the way you feel and think forever.
Live your life aligned to your deepest dream and highest calling. 
Integrate your heart, body and mind to unleash your next level.
 Breakthrough fears and doubts. 
Learn the power of breath and intention.  

You will learn more about your purpose and how it relates to your dream life, personal relationships and your dedicated team of support.
Our 12 Week Intensive Training Program
For Those Committed To Their Path 
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I am Corey Teramana.
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Learn what people don't know about the Law of Attraction, meditations, affirmations, mantras, focus and Gratitude. 
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Team Members, Clients And Testimonials
As a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Coach, I've worked with Corey for years and feel far more comfortable asking clients for exactly what I'm worth! What a paradigm shift of self love and higher service... - Emily Rose
We create transformational events so people experience lasting breakthroughs and refreshing inner peace. I love bringing my years of experience as a Yoga teacher and combining them with Corey's coaching techniques. I'll see you at the next event! - Kenzi Kay
I'm the team mom... I've been through it all and came out the otherside Grateful, loving and willing to share my lessons. With so much in life to talk about, the conversations normally reflect our deep gratitude for life and the ways we can take our personal development further. Balance is a major pert to my life and I strive for it daily with our team - Kass
"I absolutely love Corey's advice and business strategy. He makes complicated systems and tools, very simple to understand and implement! My highest Recommendations" - Katerina Satori
“Corey helped us build a 300,000+ list and community for our at home business and nutrition supplement product line! He's been a great friend for years and we are so extremely grateful to know him.” - Gary and Cindy 
“Corey's amazing! After our first Mastermind, I was able to add $100k to my monthly sales numbers by implementing two of their secret conversion tools. He's also helped me with powerful meditation techniques to help reduce my stress and feel more relaxed" - Marty "The Party" Pamerantz 
“I'm ready to go! Finally, I have a teammate to support me in all the things I've wanted and needed to do. A great coach and friend. - Carlton 
“I'm a mortgage broker in Las Vegas and my business is thriving. Corey helped me open up to the Hispanic market nearly doubling my leads and closings. He also simplified my marketing strategy so I could focus on the parts of my business that I enjoy!” - Tito Rolando 
After interviewing more than 3000 super-achievers and industry giants, I'm so glad I met Corey and had the chance to pick his brain on his positive thinking perspectives and general coaching outlook on the personal development industry. I highly recommend you work with him in one form or another...” - Corey Poirier
Our business has grown tremendously over the last couple of months as a result of what I learned with Corey's team. I'm so glad I took advantage of one of their free strategy session calls. - Dr. Jeanie N
"Corey's social media and sales conversion training was great! Thank you so much... It helped me feel like I could expand my business without doing to tons and tons of additional work and busy tasks. Thanks for the education and peace of mind!"  - Kimberly White
Corey has helped us spend more time together as a family and less time doing things that weren't a priority. So, profound, we're so thankful. - Dr. Marni and Steve
"Knowing Corey and working with him has taken my career as a public figure and philanthropist to a whole new level. Thank you for simplifying... and making complex marketing concepts and systems easy to use!!!" - Miss Universe Brittany Williams
My face to face sales conversions have tripled and my sales pitch is 100x's stronger after working with Corey one-on-one. I started with his sales conversion blueprint and kept him on as a consultant for a year now. Thank you! - Adam Armani
"Grateful to have one of my favorite mentors with me, Chris Record, who has made millions online and continues to help lead the way supporting people in their businesses. Thank you Chris for all the knowledge on how to capture leads and convert sales. - Corey
Corey's helped up create more free time to spend as a family. We trust him and love working with him! Thank you so much Corey! - The Camp Family
"I'm Halden and I love my life! Corey's helped me leverage my time with my business so I can make more money and do what I love like hiking, yoga and almost any outdoor activities! Thanks Core... " - Halden
I own a first class custom aquatics business in Delaware and Corey's helped me streamline most of my major moving pieces so I have more free time, better employees and a larger customer base. His coaching is A1 because it traverses personal development coaching and business strategy consulting. - Rich
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